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Fülle die Lücke / Fill the gap Intl. e. V.

Fill the Gap Intl. is a charitable Christian based organization and a registered association in Germany. Our mission is to help people in develop countries (at this time in Uganda) who are 'out of the society' and are at the very end of the supply chain.

These are men, women, youth and children who have become delinquent, suspended or disabled. Their life is so bad that you can hardly believe it. It deprives the victims not only of hope, education and future prospects but also of simple material things available to meet their daily basic needs. All prisons and institutions we try for take care of are also overcrowded. The institutions try their best but come also on their borders.

Our help comes especially through a visiting and counseling service directly to the places. In this way we show those concerned - irrespective of their gender, age or religion – our esteem and let them know, that they are not forgotten or lost. We encourage them through the word of GOD and we also help practically with material things like food, vegetables, soap, scholastic material, medical care and so on.

We not only believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, we also believe what he preaches about charity (for owners of a Bible please read Matthew 25:36). That is the reason why we chose a cross for our ministry sign.

We were supported with the cross sign through the artist Madam Evelyn Pichler and Miss Larissa. Evelyn , who happens to be the brain behind the freedom painting from which the cross sign was retrieved. She also had no intention to paint a picture for us but after a telephone conversation with her son she was inspired to do it.

Larissa integrated the picture in the cross.

The shape and the colors stand for God's light and his grace for the people of Africa. Touched by the light of the gospel, people will come into the freedom of life and be let out of their inner and outer prisons.


On seeing the paint we were immediately impressed by the image with the powerful statement and I bought it for our ministry. It symbolizes our work the release of people by proclaiming the good News but also the concrete labour in the prisons on site.

Evelyn is Austrian, she has no personal website but some of their art works can be seen and admired on Facebook.